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Michael Ciaran Parker (born 4 May 1952), better known by his stage name Michael Barrymore, is an English comedian and television presenter of game shows and light entertainment programmes on British television in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. These included Strike It Lucky, My Kind of People, My Kind of Music and Kids Say the Funniest Things. In 1993 he headlined the Royal Variety Performance. At his peak Barrymore was voted the UK's favourite television star several times, and became one of the highest-paid stars on television. He presented the popular game-show Strike It Lucky as well as his own variety show Barrymore. He starred in Bob Martin from 2000 to 2001, a comedy drama in which he played the title role of a failing television game-show host.

On 14 June 2007, Essex Police arrested Barrymore and two other men on suspicion of murder and serious sexual assault in the Lubbock case. Barrymore subsequently received a police caution for possession and use of cannabis, but, although Barrymore and two other party-goers, unemployed Justin Merritt and drag queen Jonathan Kenney, were arrested on suspicion of murder on 6 June 2001, no other charges were laid against him or anyone else in connection with the death. The inquest that took place in September 2002 reached an open verdict. In light of the verdict, and after she was approached by a friend of the Lubbock family, Cheryl provided the Lubbock family solicitor with both an affidavit and subsequent court testimony that her ex-husband had lied under oath, and could in fact swim. She also alleged the entertainer had rubbed cocaine on to the gums of other people as well as himself.


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Vernon Bonser says

"How is it possible that this company has any 5 star ratings given their shoddy service and then closing themselves down, leaving people in the lurch with either incomplete jobs or worse still un-started jobs - has anyone actually made contact with any of their suppliers as the doors i bought are missing a vital mechanism - if i can find out who builds these then maybe i can complete the job myself.... or does anyone know what their "reinvented" name is??"

Customer says

"I have been questioning the 5 Star Reviews on the website for Alpine Aluminium. To my eyes, many of them looked unconvincing. I raised this with Trustpilot and I found their replies unsatisfactory. Has anyone else chased Trustpilot on this. By publishing these rather unconvincing 5 Star reviews, Trustpilot lends credence and respect to this dreadful outfit."

Malcolm says

"Having received diabolical service from Alpine who took over £40,000.00 from us before going into Administration on top of which we had to pay the administrators to release some of our goods. It feels WRONG! If you have had a bad experience which you feel you have been treat unfairly by Alpine please text me on 07779550008"

Barrymore1 says

"My friend James had a Cat! he wanted some new doors and windows for the Cat house.... He is still waiting for the Cat house windows to be finished... I am sending Michael Barrymore round as a Lifeguard"

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